Friday, May 09, 2008

Ess Aych Eye Tee Tee Why

Tonight and two nights ago are type of losses that leave you hollow, but, more importantly, they don't make you think the team has any kind of fatal problems. You just have to move on to the next day knowing that this one is behind you.

But then you're like Clark Griswold going "Gah Dah Dah!"--we should have had this one...

Okay, moving on, forgetting about it, everything's fine...but road wins are tough to come by! Damnit!

All right, I'm okay now. I can see ignoring a runner in the ninth when you're up two. You say "that run doesn't matter." But in the ninth tonight, up one, we ignored the tying and winning runs. Not a big fan. Also, remember how last year my one worry was that we'd get to key October games, and Lugo will just lose his mind and make key mistakes? Looks like this year we've got the same worry, only he's making more physical errors than mental nowadays. Which get in his head, making him mentally and physically unsound. But he's got time to fix that. Again, we're a first place team, and we will be there in month number 10.

The Yanks pitched old buddy "No Dice" Kei Igawa tonight. He got shelled. They're under .500 again. The best part was that the Yanks had a comeback in the ninth and left the tying run at second. I love it when they almost win but still lose. Too bad we did the same tonight....


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