Thursday, May 01, 2008

Defending Aprils

Here's how the 12 American League champion Boston clubs have done through April 30th in their title-defending season, ranked from best to worst:

1904: 10-2
1919: 4-1
1917: 9-4
1916: 9-6
2008: 17-12
2005: 12-11
1968: 8-8
1947: 6-6-1
1976: 6-7
1913: 6-8
1987: 9-13
1905: 3-10

The first World Champions came out strong in 1904, still with the best April 30th record of any Boston defending AL champs. The next year, possibly still pissed about not getting a chance to play a World Series, the '05 squad had a 3-10 record on 4/30, still the worst of any Boston defending AL champs. This year's team comes in fifth of 12, even if you don't count the two March games.


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