Thursday, May 29, 2008

Damn It

Come on. The Mariners? Mike Lowell takes a hack after the pitcher's thrown five straight balls? Lugo does his usual bunt at a pitch in his eyes and expect it to go where he wants it to routine? Wake only made one mistake, though, and we'll win that game more often than we lose it. Nice job by Birdy Bedard. 1 to freakin' nothing. If I get to see Manny going for 500 in person, what do I do? Do I go out to left field and try to catch it? Do I shoot still shots? Do I videotape him go around the bases? Hmmmm...

Tough loss, for sure.

I'd take still shots, personally. You can frame and sell those. Just make sure you use a setting that takes a bunch of pictures in a row.

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