Sunday, May 25, 2008


The Yanks are full of shit. No, I'm not talking about Girardi's fake anger leading to the Yankees sweeping the Mariners (thanks to today's error- and Arthur Rhodes-fest), which I'm sure had everything to do with "team unity" and nothing to do with the fact that Seattle is baseball's worst team...

I'm talking about the David Ortiz contest. I saw a banner ad for some "Call Your Shot" contest the other day, and I entered it. The ads were all over the place, on all the MLB team sites. Basically, at the Home Run Derby, one lucky winner picks a spot and if Papi hits a dong there, the person wins a vehicle. But then the Yankees said, Whoa, we can't have a rival player, you know, doin' stuff in our stadium.

First of all, it's the All-Star Game. No, it's not even the All-Star Game (a game in which Red Sox and Yankee players will be on the SAME TEAM), it's the freaking Home Run Derby. But that's really not the point. If they didn't want to allow this contest to happen, they should've said something in the first place. According to the article, the Yanks didn't find out about the contest until Thursday night! I'm just some guy and I knew about--and entered!--the damn thing before then. And you're telling me the Yankees' organization was completely unaware of it at the time? I went to the contest page and looked at the rules, and the entry period started May 12th! So would I be pissed if MLB was holding a Yankee-centric contest at Fenway Park? Maybe--but I'd be more pissed at my own team for somehow not noticing until a week after people started entering it. But I don't think that's what happened. I think the Yanks were told about some stupid contest at the derby that will take a minute or two, one of a million events happening in the several-day long celebration based around a game where Terry Francona will be managing the home team at Yankee Stadium, and said, Fine, do what you gotta do. Then they felt the pressure from their Red Sox-obsessed fans--and the people in their organization who are too worried about silly curses--and played dumb. "We didn't know about any contest!"

If they somehow cancel this thing, well, first of all, I'll sue! I'm entered in the contest already! Second of all, if I were Tito, I'd say, "Okay, well, I don't think it would be a good idea to let Joe Girardi be on my coaching staff for the All-Star Game--or play any Yankees in the game. Conflict of interest. Changed my mind. Sorry."

This is just another chapter in the Yanks' full of shit, always have their way, win even when they lose history. I'm surprised they're not having a special thing where if a non-Yankee hits a home run in the game, a Yankee player comes out and circles the bases. You know, to respect the history and tradition of the game, and give the fans what they want to see.

I missed the games today because we were house-hunting. Talk about "being an adult," wow. We did hear Manny's hit on the radio in the car, but soon Jacoby was hitting into a double play to end it, and we are officially the new "Celtics of the last few weeks until a few days ago," winning all home games, losing all road games. We're in Seattle Monday through Thursday. Late games, I love it. (I'm a night hawk/owl so I'm not being sarcastic like your average baseball fan would be in this situation.) I'll probably announce one of these, and tomorrow I should be right back to the old-timey wrap-ups. Our upcoming contestants in the Manny contest: Monday--Jay. Tuesday--Dan Lowe. And since nobody has Wednesday, and then Thursday's an off day, Dan Lowe would still win if Manny gets 500 on Wednesday. The contest draaaaags on...


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