Thursday, May 15, 2008


You know what my favorite play in baseball is? It's when somebody fields a ball, but can't get into position to throw it fast enough, so he/she flips it to another fielder nearby who then makes the throw.

A good example is from the 80s, when some Phillies pitcher fielded a slow roller on the third base side. All his momentum was going away from first base when he got the ball, so he flipped it to the third baseman, Mike Schmidt, who gunned the runner out at first. 1-5-3 on the putout.

It could also happen if a fielder makes a diving play and flips the ball to someone nearby who's standing up, and then that person makes the throw.


Yeah. If I've said some other play is my favorite in the past, forget that one. I'm goin' with Jerk Store.

My favorite Schmidt defensive move was probably the bare-handed bunt pickup/throw in one motion.

I also like the play where the P fields a hot shot, can't get the ball out of the glove, so he throws the entire glove to 1B. Terry Mulholland did that for SF.

Fielders forgetting the # of outs, and flipping the ball to fans, is also a good move.

But I think I like that Manny play better than any of those other plays.
Sounds like you grew up with the same blooper tapes I did...

Somebody pulled a Mulholland recently, I think.

Right, it goes without saying Manny's was the coolest--but that's not exactly something you practice....

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