Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Triple Crown

Didn't get to see the game tonight, as I was playing in a game of my own. But it turns out the Red Sox pretty much played the same game as they did the night before, so I didn't miss much. I did get to hear the ninth in the car on the way home from our game. As we scored the winning run, we could see the lights of Fenway and the Citgo sign from the Pike.

Our game was out in a place I'd never heard of called Wayland. As in Smithers. The field had the dreaded "skin infield" and was much bigger than the other fields we've played on. The pitching rubber was so far away, pitchers couldn't throw consistent strikes. It was a walk-fest. I figured if we could just get the lead and be batting, we could milk it till the lights went off and hold on for the W. Fortunately, Anne was able to throw strikes for us, and in the back-and-forth battle, we found ourselves up 20-14, and coming up to hit in the bottom of the third.

The ump had said something about "15 minutes left" so I figured we were gold. We just needed a few walks, maybe a hit or two--nobody do anything crazy, like swing at the first pitch. But for that inning, they put a guy with baseball pants on the mound. So you knew he'd be able to do a good job--and he did, setting us down 1-2-3.

So it was the top of the fourth and last inning, and we'd have to go out into the field, still holding a six-run lead. I was playing third. I fielded a grounder and threw to second for a force for the first out. A few of their players got on, and we got another out. Then some dude hits a dong, making it a two-run game. Then two more got on. At that moment, I thought, Just hit the damn ball to me, and I can step on third. And that's just what happened. I fielded it cleanly and touched the bag to end it. The pressure was on us, because even though we had last ups, if they'd grabbed the lead, the lights would've been moments from shutting off, and we might not have had a chance.

After last year's winless season, we're a 2-1 ballclub! Oh, and I went 1 for 1 at the plate with a walk. And the Yanks lost. And A-Rod and Hughes have joined Posada on the DL. Red Sox end April 17-12, alone in first place, after all the Japan stuff....


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