Sunday, April 27, 2008

Swept By The Devil Rays

Yes, the Devil Rays. Who will always be called the Devil Rays at this blog.

For third straight time, we're forced to look at the bright side, which is that our pitching has been great. But the losses are getting old!

I was hoping Josh would get 21 strikeouts and then be given jersey number 21. He ended up with a career-high 13.

A rare night at home.
The losses suck, but the bats WILL be back. My only real concern is the pen. Yet if the starters keep giving us the kind of games they have the last few days and the O scores a few runs, the pen won't freaking matter so much.
At least the Rockies won :) Again :) (that's 3 straight after opening 0 - 3, not that I'm keeping track)
How'd the Purple Pride do this weekend? Or are you a weekday league?
Will be watching for updates
If Cathy ever gets home from the hospital I've got a ton to report on my LL team. I'm doing a little catching up tonight, but I'm putting it on the team site so the kids can read it. There's a link at my blog. I'll have to get back to the blog itself after she's home. There's a lot I want to write besides just LL stuff.

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