Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Squirrel Conditioning

I just saw a squirrel eating a big object. A piece of toast or something. Maybe a hamburger bun--but not the holy squirrel-eating grail, an ice cream cone. I've seen that once but didn't have my camera. Anyway, it was just chowing down on the thing, and I thought, Good for you. You squirrels are always storing, storing, storing. Break that crap out and enjoy! It's spring!

It reminded me of how, for five years, I never used the "MAX A/C" setting in my car. I'd just go regular A/C, figuring if I overdid it, I might lose it entirely for future summers. I never went max, and wouldn't you know it, the A/C finally stopped working anyway. Maybe I conserved properly. Maybe avoiding max gave me an extra year of regular. But I kind of wish I'd had one good sweltering month maxed out.

The squirrels have the right idea. Save for a while, then spend, then save again, then spend again.

Once again, the non-human animals win. I can't wait to see which species takes the top spot when we destroy ourselves. Should be a fun battle.

Red Sox vs. some bird or another, 7:05 PM.


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