Thursday, April 03, 2008

Son Of Harrel Attacks!

You know that hawk at Fenway I'm always yapping about and taking pictures of? It attacked some Connecticut girl on a Fenway tour!

And here are some pics from the just-completed section up in left field.

That center field restaurant is going to be called the Bleacher Bar, and supposedly will open in May. I can't wait for that. You'll be able to look into the park straight through the ol' wagon gate in center field. And it'll be open year-round, so that will be a nice way to look into Fenway Park in the off-season and when the team is away.

Luckily, she's OK. She's from Bristol, one town away from me, and her name is Alexa Rodriguez. Did the eagle know that she is an AROD, although I'm sure she's very nice. There was a picture in the hartford Courant that SHOWED the eagle attack. An "at the exact moment" picture. Scary--big bird with talons. I'm just happy she didn't lose an eye, thank God. Have a great weekend Jere.

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