Monday, April 28, 2008

Riders On The Non-Storm

"The Yanks' three-week journey finally came to an end Monday night," says the Daily News. Only the Yanks can have a "journey" that includes two HOME GAMES right in the middle of it. Again, WE WENT TO JAPAN!

The Chokers had a classic TYR (Typical Yankee Rally) tonight. Sixth inning, down two, and getting no-hit. First three Yankees single, two of those being of the infield variety. The next guy gets hit by a pitch, run scores. The next guy grounds out. Run scores. Next guy grounds out. Run scores. Now it's a man on third, two outs. Cleveland changes pitchers. The next hitter knocks in the fourth run infield single. Yanks go on to Twin 5-2.

I saw some of the Celts tonight. Very weird moment: Time is called, and the station doesn't go to commercial. In the background, the "Cheers" theme starts playing. It's definitely at the arena, not just on the TV feed. Which is weird, since the game was in Atlanta. I see the crowd all looking up at the scoreboard. They're watching something set to a tune associated with the other team. Of course, the announcers are talking about something else, using the timeout to talk about the Western Conference results. And the song keeps playing. Then they throw it to the sideline reporter guy. I'm thinking he's gonna fill us in, but he talks about something else. Then a different song starts playing, and then they go back to the "Cheers" song. Garnett's about to shoot free throws, and the song's still playing, coming to the final notes. KG's at the line holding the ball and you can tell the people in charge are trying to make it all the way to the end of the song and/or montage the song is playing over, to the point where Kevin looks at the ref, points to his ear and then up, as if to say, "Can't shoot with this music still on, guy." Then it shuts off. I wonder what the hell that was all about....

Odd coincidence report: Last weekend, Danbury, CT. Kim and I are at her table at the punk rock flea market, talking to our friend who came up from Philly, who we'll call Philly. Philly is talking about how he saw the Doors back in the '60s. Being in Danbury, the first thought that came to my mind was how the Doors once played Danbury High School. We were trying to figure out when the show happened, when I thought, Hey, Malcolm from Trash is here, I bet he knows. In fact, I bet he has the show in question with him. Kim and Philly laughed, but I ran right over to Malcolm. "Hey, didn't the Doors play Danbury High School or something?" Yes, Malcolm said. He then adds that not only does he have a copy of the show, but that he'd just sold one. He looks over to where I'd just been standing and says, "I sold it to that girl over there about five minutes ago." The girl's standing right in front of Kim's table. So I go back over there, and say to Kim and Philly, "He does have it. And he just sold it to...." (I turn to the girl, now next to me) "...this girl!" I turn to this Hanna Montana/girl Clemens had the affair with circa the beginning of it-aged girl and ask if she just bought the Danbury Doors show. She says yes, and then marvels at the fact that Philly had actually seen the band live. Crazy.

Jaze at Sox, Tuesday night. I just may announce.

I was on the home from the hospital last night, flipping thru AM channels looking for sports info, and the only thing I can find is the damn Yankees broadcast. Why some local station in NC thinks that's the way go - I can't say.
Those 2 clowns (Suzie, isn't it?, and Mr. dull) were describing the Yankee 6th. Even THEY couldn't make it sound good. Said it themselves - 4 runs on nothing but soft hits and bloops.
Just our luck - they score 4 in an inning with only 1 real hit and we can't score 1 in a whole game!
Oh well, the O will be back.
Just hope it hurries up.
Oh, also - I think the OC Report should be a regular feature. If you don't I might. I might anyway :)

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