Saturday, April 12, 2008

Red Sox Beat Freakin' Yanks

I loved that moment when Manny was up, after Papi had struck out with the tying run on third. It was getting late in the game and everyone's believing that Joba and Mo are automatic, even though one's a baby and the other's a grandpappy. The old Red Sox--the old Red Sox fans, too--would've thought that run wouldn't score, and we'd be screwed again.

Now I've always been an optimist. But I like to think we're at the point where a majority of Sox fans was thinking what I was thinking at that moment: "Manny's gonna come through here." And he doubled, knocking in the tying and go-ahead run.

Manny also donged earlier--492!

After the long rain delay, Pap, who had to start and stop throwing several times, looked like a man on a mission, and took care of A-Rod quickly. Then he pitched a 1-2-3 ninth, and the two teams were tied again, for third, at 6-6.

Look at each of our starters' last start. Besides Lester, they've all been beautiful. That's how the Great Space Coater flies, people. When Papi isn't hitting, we're not in "big trouble" like McCarver says. We have a great lineup. A lot of guys would have to slump at once for us to be in just regular-size trouble, and that's if the pitching falters. And the pitching looks fine.

I'm back at Fenway Sunday night. Free meter spots, woo-hoo!

It was a fine win, rain and all. Paps dispatched AROD in the 8th with the efficiency of a 12 guage shotgun. Bam, bam...BAM!! I loved it, even through Cano's nine pitch at bat. That's when I stood up and paced, back and forth, forth and back, until the 4th save was secured. Have a great time tonight at the Fens, lucky you! Be well..hi to the kitties.

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