Wednesday, April 16, 2008


Stuck with Yankee announcers tonight? Don't care to endure Dale Arnold on Red Sox radio? Want an alternative to Rem and Don for a few innings? Like question marks? Listen to me announce the game tonight at 7 on YouCastr here? Thanks?

my god, Dale Arnold is horrible. I wish I had a selective mute button. The amount of dead air and the delay in his telling of the game are dead giveaways that he's not a baseball man.

You can hear the crack of the bat, the crowd groaning, and he's not saying anything. Then it's like, "he hit the ball!" then more silence and then "matsui makes the out!"

this can't end soon enough. Sorry, I had no other place to vent. Thanks. I'll try and tune into you tonight.
Don't worry, Arnold is rarely on there... but yeah, he does have issues from what I've heard.

Unfortunately I don't do this every night--but I will always leave a heads-up on my blog when I'm going to do it.

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