Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Pap With The Win, Pedroia With The Save

Jon "Sid" "Wicked" Lester was on tonight. If you're searching Red Sox blogs and think you're gonna see "Lester's back," or "I can't believe it's the same guy," you won't find it here, as some of us have had faith in this guy all along. He did win the last game of the World Series, after all.

He had a one-hitter through 8 tonight, and Pedroia maybe could've had the one hit. But I don't think NESN showed a replay, and then, oddly, they hardly brought the play up, almost as if they were trying not to jinx the one-hitter.

But Sid wouldn't get the win, as it was 0-0 after eight. And if Pedroia did have a shot to catch that ball that would've kept the no-no going, he certainly made up for it with a game-saving play in the ninth. And in the bottom half, with two outs against Halladay, Papi walks, Manny singles, and Youk knocks home Papi for the walk-off win.

Phil Hughes has made 7 starts. He's averaging under 4 innings pitched per outing. His ERA is now right around 9.00 (that's a run an inning to you and me, kids). Tonight he did his usual, and the Yanks trail 6-2 in the eighth.

Update: The Tigers tried hard, but couldn't blow this one. Yanks lose 6-4, and are a .500 ball club again. Another thing I here at ARSFFPT am not surprised at.

Another update: On SportsDesk, Hazel talks about an "anniversary" for Roger Clemens. I'm thinkin', come on, since when is the 22nd anniversary of something a big deal? They come back from break, and she announces it: "April 29th, 2008 is the 20th anniversary of Roger Clemens breaking the all-time strikeout record in one game." Wrong. 22nd. It's simple math really. Terrible job.


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