Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Natalie Wood Played Thurston's Wife

1. Joe Thurston, the guy I rooted for the most this spring training, has gotten the call. He'll be with the big club tonight, as Cora has gone on the DL.

2. Jeff Natale has moved up to Pawtucket. But I'd be telling this story about the guy regardless: He's from my state, See Tee. The town of Hamden, where my aunt, one of her daughters (that'd be my cousin), and that cousin's kids, live. Jeff played prep ball there, before moving on to Trinity College in Hartford. Another daughter of said aunt (that'd be another one of my cousins) has three kids, one of whom graduated from Trinity around the same time as Natale. Jeff somehow knew my Hamden cousin (meaning the daughter of my cousin) AND my Trinity cousin (meaning the son of my other cousin), if I've got the story straight. So it's good to see a friend of the family moving toward Fenway.

I learned about Thurston and Natale's promotions from your favorite PawSox blog and mine. And to continue the coincidences, while at Fenway the other day, I started thinking about how surprising it is that more people don't fall out of upper decks and other high places at ballparks. That little shelf in front of the Monster Seats is a little low. Anybody could reach out over it and fall 37 feet. Anyway, I forgot to blog about this, but you'll see at the link above, that blogger mentions a man who fell to his death at Shea Stadium. Crazy. Less metal detecting, more fences, I say.

[3. (added several days later). Schafer! Natalie Schafer! Whoops...]


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