Saturday, April 05, 2008

Mid-Games Action

Look, I'm down with giving a guy a rest occasionally. I know it's a long season. I know the backups need to play. And I know that with all the resting Tito did last year, we still won the World Series.

But Kevin Youkilis just like four months off. He's your first baseman. He hasn't made an error in a year and a half. Play him! There are built-in off days during the year. That's when these guys should be resting. Not during game 6 of the season. If Youk needs a rest right around now--how about Monday? We're not playing that day. We've also got Lugo leading off today with Jacoby on the bench. I don't know how much that has to do with Ellsbury hitting the fence last night.

We trail 4-2, Yanks trail 5-1. Pettitte knocked around today after one third of Tri-en Taylor did last night. (The Yanks have the three young *assumed* Cy Young winners, but rather than calling them Tri Young, I call them Tri-en Taylor, after Brien Taylor, a guy who was supposed to be the next Ron Guidry for the Yanks but never made it to the majors.

Gotta go.

and I know about the Youk second half thing. But still.
Hi Jere
Just letting you know I'm trying my hand at a game thread for tonight's game. I don't expect a single person to be there, but it will be fun to record some of the moments for posterity. I won't be writing a lot, just commenting every so often because I have my son and a couple of friends here for the game.
I'm thinking that next year it might become a regular thing, but also wonder if basketball is a little too fast to watch and write during.

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