Thursday, April 17, 2008

Last Night's Highlights

At the 3 hour, 10 minute mark of last night's broadcast is your Neverending Story talk.

"Artax, you're letting the Swamps of Sadness get to you! You've got to try!" -Atreu (sp?)

My family used to make fun of me when I was a kid for watching this movie so much that I practically knew it word for word. Artax, the horse, was my favorite.
Also, this movie was on tv last night. Weird.
Oh, that's one that'll getcha made fun of. Of course, you make fun of it too but everybody can tell you're the one who chose to keep it on.

I can't believe it was on last night! What channel??

By the way, I've wanted to do a "remake" of this film for years. Kara, you should be in it.
Ha! I know! I swear I didn't watch it last night— just like 5 minutes or 20 minutes or something... ; )

In San Diego, there is this GIGANTIC, WHITE Mormon temple off I-5. Whenever we would drive past it I always hummed the song to The Neverending Story and shouted, "Look Falkor, the Ivory Tower's still standing!"
That's awesome.
That's awesome.
That's awesome.
Whoops. Triple comment. Triple awesome.

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