Friday, April 18, 2008

Kwiz Suchecki

Update: Here's the full picture. It was David Aardsma.


Moving this Kwiz season right along, who's the man in red? Photo taken by me, April 2008.

Also, if you're in Danbury, CT tomorrow between noon and 5 PM, go to the Punk Rock Flea Market at the Heirloom Arts Theatre. 5 bucks, and Stella Marie Soap will be there along with a performance by the World's Funnyman, Neil Hammmmm-burgerrrrrr.

And another thing: The other night, possibly for the first time ever at Fenway, Ned's Atomic Dustbin was played! Of course, it was their one mainstream hit, Grey Cell Green. But it's not like they just played it for a few seconds at a random time, they actually used it as the "wait for the Sox to take the field music," as it was an ESPN game and there was that little wait. They played a lot of the song, one of my favorites of all-time. Though that's a pretty long list. But still! Check out the video here.

No Coco.
Nope. Good call thinking it was tied in with the last kwiz, though.
Not Lugo.
Looking at the autograph, I'd have to say Pedroia.
No on Pedroia. I will say that I honestly don't remember if that visible autograph is his or someone else's. But he seems to be ready to sign, so maybe that is someone else's. Maybe Pedroia's.
jd drew?
Not JD.
Manny D ... I always guess him ...
Ha. Sorry, not him.
tim wakefield
No Wake.
Is it Joe Thurston?
John Farrell?

The only other song I know by Ned's is that cover of Saturday night. That's cool they played it - the intro/outro music on the radio games has always been pretty good - I know they play some Afghan Whigs.
Grey cell green? Never heard of it. I always thought 'Not Sleeping Around' was their only hit.

I'll have to look this up.
Not Thurston, not Farrell.

Greay Cell Green was huge on MTV in whatever year that was. A "buzz clip" if there ever was one....
Julian Tavarez.
Hidecki Okajima
Julian Tavarez?
No Tavarez, no Okajima.

Future people: pweezil's guess wasn't posted when Ryan guessed.
Ellis Burks?
royce clayton
No Tito, no Royce, no Lopez....

I really didn't think this one would take long at all. This is fun...
David Aardsma
Finally! Aardsma it is!
This was pretty much hit or miss, and I gave no clues, so all 6 points for AJM.
I'm on a roll!

It's probably gonna be too little, too late, but at least I'm making a run here in the final leg.
You have a definite shot.

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