Thursday, April 17, 2008

Kwiz McKain

UPDATE, 3:20 PM: Two people got it. This one went much faster than Quintana. The chin must've given him away....

That's right, it's Jorge Posada.


Continuing in the Kara-style kwiz tradition, who is this a picture of? (Taken by me in the last two weeks.)

Jacoby Ellsbury?
Alex Cora ?

Great blog, keep up the good work.

That's a no to both Ellsbury and Cora.

And thanks, Richard.
I have to go with Jorge Posada.
Jorge Posada
Jorge it is..

Amazing--I go back to moderation and two people get it within 31 minutes. Drew: Your answer wasn't posted when AJM answered. So.... 2.9 points for each of you. (AJM: Me getting stuck watching the beginning of a Diff'rent Strokes episode after finishing my bowl of blackeyed peas gave you the points. If I hadn't seen it was on, I would've checked my email a few minutes earlier, gotten drew's answer and posted it, giving him the full win.)

Why not 3 points each? Because I've often referred to Alex Cora as Cor-ge Posada, since I think they look a little alike. So the fact that Richard saw Posada and thought Cora, he's gotta get something. We'll make it .15 for him, and since I'd feel guilty about 4 answers with 3 getting credit, I'll throw in .05 for Mike.
Would it be okay with you if I battled to the death with the other commenters for ALL the points?

Thanks in advance.
I think you'd have to ask them....
Diff'rent Strokes continues to bring value to my life. Thank you Drummond/Jackson Family. And I've always liked blackeyed peas too.

I'd know Posada's non-chin anywhere. I always preferred Pedro's nickname for him, Dumbo (which I then combined into "Dumbosada"), but I have to admit that "Fievel" is probably a better match. And the 'within 2 weeks' clue helped at lot, since it was clear from the pic that the player is wearing a grey road jersey.

Since I'm recuperating from major surgery, I'm gonna have to decline Drew's challenge.

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