Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Kwiz Friend

Bill Lee wore number 37 with the Red Sox. What number did he want to wear?

The symbol for infinity?

(an 8 laying on its side)
337 it spells Lee upside down.....
Just posting all comments now...

I see pweezil and 9casey said what I was thinking of: 337, LEE upside down.

redsock was probably thinking of how Lee once saw Yaz lying on his side and said the 8 was like a google.

So pweez and 9case will split points, plus sock may get a few tenths.

And if Kara or AJM can give some evidence of Lee specifically wanting 8 or 9, well, we'll talk.
Jere: Tuesday, January 31, 2006
I think you must be talking about when I mentioned this on the blog. I saw that, but thought, Hey, unless you're searching "337," you wouldn't find it. And if you knew 337, well, you knew it.

Plus, come on, I had to give a somewhat get-able kwiz for a change.....
Thanks for the softball, some are pretty hard........
pweezil: 2.9

9casey: 2.9

redsock: 0.2

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