Monday, April 28, 2008

Kwiz Dreisewerd

We are in the home stretch. Just five Kwizzes left. The leader has under 30 points, and with each kwiz being worth 6, you technically could have zero right now and still take the '07-'08 title! Ryan, Pweezil, AJM, Matty, and Kara are currently the top five. Full standings here.

Okay, this is a good one. I was inspired to do this research by the 1983 ALCS game one, which was on TV today. (Which makes that a clue, albeit one that almost certainly won't help you, unless you see it and your mind goes to the same place mine did.)

So. The 1939 New York Yankees are the only team ever to do what?

Outscore their opponents by 400 runs.
Win the World Series while wearing a World's Fair logo patch on their sleeve.
Interesting stuff. Of course, in classic me-style, it's "not what I was thinking of."
Have 7 10-game winners? (The '83 ChiSox had 5.)
That's not it either....
Win the World Series the same year they hosted the All-Star game.
Ryan: You nailed the concept. They did do that, but the '59 Dodgers and '77 Yanks also hosted an All-Star game and won the WS the same year.

But one other thing happened only in '39....

You can answer again now. So can anyone else.

Oh, and I don't mean that they swept the WS.
Be the 1st MLB Team to retire a Uniform number.
10 representatives (6 starters, 5 played the whole game) in the All-Star game?
Win the World Series in the same year they also hosted the All-Star Game, AND their city hosted the World's Fair
None of those last three are what I'm going for....
The Yankees not only won the world series and hosted the all-star game but being the EVIL EVILNESS that they are they also invaded Poland and started WWII.
That's it!

No... but you have the right idea--take Ryan's answer and take it even further.
I thought that's what I just did?
Had a better road record than at home?
1939 is the only time that the team that won the WS hosted the All-star game, and their league also *won* the all-star game.
AJM: That is what you did, you just didn't get the right thing.

pweezil: that's not it either.

And Ryan finally gets it.

They're the only team whose league won the All-Star Game at its home park, and then went on to win the World Series.

Which makes Joe D. the only person in history to hit a HR at home in an All-Star game victory and a HR in a WS that his team won.
Ryan's getting 5 points for so thoroughly nailing this and then narrowing it down as well. The rest is split up among the five other guessers.

AJM: 0.3
Mike: 0.3
Leggett: 0.15
pweezil: 0.15
sfsf: 0.1

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