Friday, April 18, 2008

I've Been Here For Years

The media's been talking about the worrying about and booing of David Ortiz for a while now. Neither of these things existed. But it's so shitty that it got to the point where I heard some prick Yankee fan call up a radio station and say "look at all the guy's done for that town, and look at how he's treated." Yet, in reality, no one was worried. And no one booed him. I hate how the media can invent things by just repeatedly bringing them up.

Anyway, Papi hit a grand dong tonight and got another hit, too. Lowrie looks fine. Casey continues to use the whole field. Dice again pitched well enough, though he had plenty of help tonight.

Yanks lose to the second place Orioles.

Do you know what happens when to type curse words into the search bar at Baseball Reference? Try it.

Jere, the booing talk didn't bother me when it was just people I considered mediots talking, but to hear Castiglione agree with whatshisname last night that the fans booed Papi last weekend pissed me off big time.

Is it so hard to determine the difference between booing a bad call and booing one of the most popular players in Red Sox history????

AND Castiglione mentioned more than once that Papi keeps telling the media that he hears the SUPPORT of the fans every time he's up at bat and his partner remarked that he must have been ignoring the boos.

No, jackass, he just knew what the fans were booing.

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