Friday, April 04, 2008

Get Fake-Truped Tonight!

[Direct link here]

Okay, here's what we're doin'. Red Sox at Toronto, tonight, 7:07 PM. I will be announcing. Click here to listen live. I'm "GedMan" over there, remember. Then afterwards I will take your calls. Skype me at Gedman10 or AIM me audio-wise at Two2067. I'll also be following the Joy of Sox game thread, so that's your best way to make a comment directly to me during the broadcast. Jere Troup will be in the house tonight, as will ColorWoman on occasion.

Don't know when my next broadcast will be after that. I'm not gonna do any this weekend, and I'll be at Opening Day and the less cool Seconding Day at Fenway. Maybe I'll do Thursday night, or one of the Yankee games next weekend. I'll keep you posted.

Your "click here" link does not work.
It's workin' for me.
Still not working for me. Even the main site doesn't work. ... I hope it's unique to me here at work.
WAIT: I am getting this message, which I didn't really read before:

"YouCastr uses custom, cutting-edge web functionality which is not supported by your browser. We support Safari, Firefox, and IE7."
Wow, so probably half the people never hear anything I'm saying on that site.... hopefully they cut that edge a little softer and allow everyone to hear it.

Thanks for the info.

And, uh, I guess get Firefox for tonight if you can...
It works on Safari....not many have an Apply Mac without downloading Firefox, but if it ain't broke, and I'm talking about my computer, don't change anything. I'd be scared to. Thanks Jere...any book updates??
Let's Hope ColorWoman soun ds NOTHING like Suzyn Waldman
Peter: Update coming very soon.

ML: She doesn't...

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