Wednesday, April 02, 2008

Early Season Excitement

[Update: Here's the direct link (Although their site is a little buggy right now.) So if you've got three hours burnin' a hole in your time-space continuum, check it out.]

Had fun announcing the game tonight. Didn't even have time for the birthdays. (Otto Von Bismarck turned 193...) Archived game should be here eventually. I think.

What a game! Dice is so amazing when he's on. If he can be on, let's say, at least 80 percent of the time, we will be in the World Series again. Let's hope.

And Papelbon looked like a man on a mission. It felt like October in April.

Tomorrow at 3:35 we finally finish this week-long, four game series with Oakland.

Wow, they just had a whole mess o' tickets on sale at the team site. I was sitting there looking at 8 seats together in the bleachers, row 7, for the opening Tigers series. They also had lots of standing room. While trying to figure out what to do (I already have tix to two games in that Tigers series), the clock struck 2 AM and the message "the ticket office is currently out of service" came up, making my decision for me. I suggest you check the site in the AM, though.... Never pay more than face value, people! Keep your eyes open!

Daisuke DID look awesome. If he can pitch that well 80% of the time, he'll approach 20 wins. I want to see him put two in a row together first. And I hope Mr. Lester can rebound, too.
Hey Jere, it's nice that comment moderation does not need to be on any longer. Be well! Pete
As of 8:45am, there were BOX SEATS available for the Wednesday and Thursday Tiger games- Box 93, Row F for Wednesday, and Box 1AA, Row G, for Thursday. Those were both for pairs- pretty sweet last minute seats...wish I could go...I'll have to settle for sitting 12 rows behind Sox on-deck circle in Cleveland on the 14th...I'll get you some pics...
Thanks for the tip....scored a couple bleacher seats for next wednsdays game just a few minutes ago.

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