Wednesday, April 02, 2008

Sox At 'letics, 3:35 PM

Coco in the lineup instead of Jacoby. It is okay to use your 3(b)rd outfielder as a starter sometimes since he would be a starter for any other team. As a bonus, you get to use your 3(a)rd outfielder late in the game as a pinch-runner who stays in the game and gives you just as good defense as the other guy. But when Jacoby does start, please, Tito, don't bat him anywhere but leadoff.

Orsillo does the clubhouse insider report with Edes/Benjamin/whoever now. Formerly Cervasio's role.

The video that pops up on right now shows last night's controversial near-dong by Varitek from the perspective of the Oakland announcers. They didn't think it was anything other than a dong.

Remember my original Dunbar theory from when Damon went over to the Yanks?

It seems the great writer Josh of Cardboard Gods has used a similar analogy to describe his feeling when Luis Tiant became a Yankee. Only his analogy involved the robbing of material things, while was more about the robbing of innocence. So, see, I'm not crazy.


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