Wednesday, April 02, 2008

Do It

Look, you can pay some person whose sole purpose is to snatch up all the tick3ts before you can and then take advantage of you by charging you ten times face value.

Or you can go to red sox dot com right now and get the tick3ts for what they actually cost. The Tampa and Baltimore series in early June and early September have pavilion standing room available. Great view from up there, and you get a little ledge to lean on. (And don't forget, September 3rd, a Wednesday afternoon, is the day we break the consecutive sell-out streak, which no one except me seems to be talking about.)

You can also get seats--actual sit-down seats--to the first two home games after opening day against the Tigers. Go root down the big-market team and cheer for the underdog Red Sox. (Yes, the Tigers' payroll is higher than ours.)

(Okay, I just checked the comments on the last post after I wrote this and I see some of you took my advice and already got some tix. Nice job! I also noticed a new thing on there when you purchase. "Warning--make sure you use your own login info on the registration screen." That's what screwed me a few months ago. I take it they got my letter.... More on this later.)

To follow up on my comment from the other post, and because I am all for exploiting "black market" ticket sources occasionally: on April 14, I will be sitting 12 rows behind the Sox on-deck circle, by myself. I checked, and could have bought a box seat, 20 rows off the right field line, halfway towards the foul pole, for $60 plus $4.50 service charge plus $2 print at home charge- total: $66.50. Instead, I purchased my one ticket, in a much, much better spot for a flat $70 off of ebay. So, even if it's somebody's extra season ticket, and they're making $20 off of me, I don't mind. For $3.50 more than going through "official" or proper channels, I have a sweet seat. I hate the people who ask $400 for a pair of upper bleachers at Fenway for a friggin' Yankees game, but I've had great success getting awesome seats to many games for basically face, or just a touch over. I, like you, hate the people that clog up the presales with no intentions other than profiting off their "fellow" fans; however, I have no problem exploiting the folks who have great seats, but a sudden business trip or whatever. Those people are a goldmine for great seats.
Yeah, I mean, if someone wanted to sell me their ticket for LESS than face, or even a couple bucks ABOVE face value, as long as they did it without going through an intermediary that profits off the both of us, that'd be cool with me. People like that are fine--they're getting rid of the tickets because they have to, and realize they aren't going to make a huge profit, so they sell them for roughly what they're worth.

Of course, what the teams themselves charge in fees is also totally ridiculous, but at least that way only one set of people is robbing you blind, instead of two.

Note: I learned "intermediary" from Office Space.
What am I gonna do with 30 subscriptions to Vibe?

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