Thursday, April 17, 2008

5 More...

Manny with two mega-dongs in our win over the Yanks tonight, and he's sittin' on 495. In our contest, Mike Leggett's date is up next, 4/20, followed by Dori's 4/26.

We are in first place again, and at the very least, tied for the best record in the AL after tonight. [Correction: The White Sox are 12 percentage points ahead of us. Myyyy mistake.]

Tomorrow, Texas comes in for four. The fourth game will be the 11:05 AM Pats' Day game. Then the Angels come in for three, and I will be at one of those games.

Kim and I are doing spring softball. Tonight as a warm up for the regular season, we had a scrimmage. It's funny, some of the stuff I rip major leaguers for, I did myself. In my one at bat, my first real swing of the year, I got under the ball and my swing was a little slower than I thought it was gonna be, so I hit an opposite field popup that dunked in for a single. A Yankee hit. And then in the field, I pulled a Lugo at short by missing a very easy grounder, and then ole-ing another. But as is my tradition, I always seem to come up with a great play, as I snagged a wicked one-hopper to my right and threw to Carla at second for the force. The real season starts next week. I really wanna get video of my at bats, and Kim's, to post here.

Coed, so church league?
Well, we call it church league here, even though it's run by the county rec dept. and only about half the teams are from churches.
My son tried to organize a team from our temple to participate a few years back, but jews just don't seem to be that big on baseball as a whole. There are some, of course, but percentage-wise, not so much.
In the "do as I say, not as I do" dept. -
A few years back I had my team at the local batting cage, rainy day probably. They had just installed this new "realistic" pitching machine with a video screen of a pitcher on the mound. He winds up, delivers, and the ball comes out of his "hand" thru a hole in the screen. It's overhead, unlike the standard machines, and starts at your head, then moves. I decided to try it out before the guys got there and am glad I did. First swing I was so far in the bucket I would have been facing third on a field. After all my fussing at them on that subject, I would have never heard the end of it. Took about 6 swings to get comfortable enough to stand in, but got it before they arrived :)
Feeling pretty good about next Saturday for number 500! I just knew Manny was hot hot hot this year. If I'm off, it won't be by much if he keeps this up!

Can't wait to get to Tampa!

Just remember to do a fist-pump as you round first base whenever you get one of those opposite field dink hits. Before you know it, you'll have calm eyes and excellent intangibles!
Sosock--no church, just regular.

Dori--Yeah you've got a real shot at this. If he were to hit two tonight, you'd be looking really gold.

AJM--At least I wasn't trying fr the cheapie. Just swingin' for the fences! It was a Little League field with a short fence. If our lineup wasn't 20 people long, I would've gotten another AB and donged. I did score on my hit, I should add. And I remembered a fourth ball hit to me at short. A very slow roller I had to battle for with not only the runner crossing in front of me, but the third baseman who was going for it, too. I went down for the barehand, grabbed it cleany and did a sidearm throw to first. As I'm throwing I realize the hitter had tripped and was lying there like ten feet from home plate. So the fact that my throw was a one-hopper that was bobbled by the first baseman didn't matter, we got the out. (The next time that guy was up, he tripped again. He may have been trying to play in dress shoes, who knows...)
& on 04/20, I was there:

& Manny was EJECTED;

BUT, that 8th Inning Was "One For The Ages";

Mike Leggett

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