Monday, March 31, 2008

The Wood

Okay, here it is, my interVersation with Allan Wood of The Joy of Sox. (Here's the full list of my episodes.) We squeezed it in to about 77 minutes! Hear Allan's thoughts on the Sox, Seinfeld, Canada, blogging, etc.......

The "live interview" format worked well, with only a very minor technical glitch or two. Enjoy.

Thanks, Jere!!! And the sound quality is pristine!!!

By the way, here is the exact Duquette quote:

"The Red Sox and our fans were fortunate to see Roger Clemens play in his prime and we had hoped to keep him in Boston during the twilight of his career."

-- Michael Silverman, Boston Herald, December 14, 1996
Cool. Thanks again.
Hi Jere
Just saw the story about your interview at JoS.
As I mentioned there, had a LONG day yesterday and never even got logged on last night, but I can't wait to listen to this!
Probably Thursday, what with game threads tonight & tommorrow. We're off Thu., right?
I'm assuming it will be available for a while.
Game late tonight, then tom. afternoon, then off Thurs. I will be announcing tonight.
Great interview, Jere. It was a lot of fun to hear some voices for real instead of the ones we just hear in our heads while doing game threads.

So who do you interview next?
I've got some ideas...

Glad you enjoyed!
Jere, it worked just fine on my computer. I didn't log in (yet) but the sound quality was pristine! Great job!!!!!

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