Sunday, March 16, 2008

Twin Peaks

This is your life: Freddy Sanchez, Jaret Wright, BK Kim, Doug Mabcdefgicz. These entities from our past all played for the Pirates today.

When Wright pitched, outfielders always seemed to be running toward the wall.

When Doug M. came running in and tried to catch a pop-up that the catcher was calling for, Don said, "Doug seems to think he should have every ball."

Snyder pitched well for us. Wake, with Cash behind the plate, did great in a triple A game. Pedro pitched four scoreless innings for the Mets in their game today.

Know what I hate about tape-delayed games? You can judge the ending based on what time it is. Let's say the road team is batting with two outs in the ninth, down a run. You look at the clock. It's 57 after the hour. You pretty much know they're not gonna score and extend the game. Unless they do and the game goes another half hour or hour. But at each half hour, you can again pretty much tell if the game's about to end. Fortunately, I don't care who wins these exhibition games.

Joe Thurston homered! Love that guy.

We lose 6-3. And the game ends right now--at 9:04. So forget what I said before. Good job by NESN for just letting it end when it ended. Then again, there was some editing. So why not edit it enough to make it end right at 9:00? But now I'm arguing on the side of something I don't like. Terrible job, me.

I, too, love Joe Thurston. Apparently he's quite the vocal talent.

He may be my favorite PawSox player this year.

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