Monday, March 31, 2008

Everybody Off

[Update: Yanks home opener rained out. Edgar knocks in Tigers' first run of season.]

I'm well-aware that by the time a new phrase reaches the mainstream, it has to be several years old. So I can understand when one of these phrases is used in advertising, provided it's, at the very least, still new to your average Joe or Josephine. But once that time has passed, you have to let it go.

Example: In the early '00s, everyone was saying "get your _____ on." And that was fine. Not a bad phrase. I used it quite a bit. By, I don't know, '03, it was finally drfiting out of the vernacular. (This may vary depending on where you live. Like I said, I'm aware that the first time I hear something, it has probably already become stale to the people who started it. And I keep my ear to the street. (Read: keep up with Snoop Dogg.))

Anyway, it's now 2008. I was shocked when last year, or the year before, Lays came out with the slogan "get your smile on." That was already way too late. But today I got an e-mail from Amtrak (if you ever buy an Amtrak ticket you're on their list). Here's what it said:

"Celebrate National Train Day — get your Choo-Choo on."

Come on! Is this real? Is this all just a psychological experiment? Get your sense of timing on, people.

& it's not even raining here

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