Saturday, March 08, 2008

Things You Need To Know...

...if you're watching the commentary on the Spaceman DVD. Great job by the people who made it, but the one dude says some anti-correct stuff:

1. It wasn't Eddie Murray who hit the ball on the highlight of Lynn making the great catch. It wasn't even Memorial Stadium. It was Metropolitan Stadium, and the batter was the Twins' Dan Ford. June 4th, 1977. (Lynn would go three for his next 31 after crashing into that fence.)

2. That guy next to Satchel Paige is not wearing an Atlanta jersey, it's an Athletics one.

3. That footage of Luis Tiant Sr. throwing out the first ball at Fenway was not from the '75 World Series. It was from August 26th of that season. The dead giveaways: 1. The patch! Luis Jr. is wearing it, and the Sox didn't wear it during the post-season, as any of this blog's readers could tell you. 2. No red, white, and blue buntings on the fences. Tiant's parents came from Cuba on a three-month visa in August, and stayed to watch the World Series, where Luis Sr. again threw out the first ball to his son, I believe. (They ended up staying another year, and both died in Massachusetts in December 1976.)

Speaking of dads, happy birthday to my dad!


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