Saturday, March 08, 2008

Sox Trail Fish

Update 4:05 PM: Sox give up three in ninth to make it 5-0, then score the two that would've tied it in the bottom half (on a Jacoby dong), and lose 5-2.

2-0 Marlins after eight. We've left runners on base left and right. And up and down. Josh Beckett had back spasms before the game, so he was scratched. Manny Delcarmen did great today, as did Timlin, while Hansen was Hansen, unfortunately. He gave up both runs, including an RBI hit by Hanley Ramirez.

Connecticut's own Craig Breslow is out of options, so I'm really hoping he can make this team. He gave up no runs over 1 1/3 today.

Ellsbury's 2 for 3, and Chris Carter is 2 for 2.

Dave O'Brien does a great Vin Scully impression. It's always weird to see photos from a current Red Sox game with sunny skies and short sleeves, while I look out my window to see a cold rain pounding down. But I like all kinds of weather, so it all works for me. (Except wind. Screw wind.)

Ooh! Tuesday, Mike Greenwell will throw out the ceremonial first ball on Tuesday!


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