Wednesday, March 05, 2008

Sox In Floridian Action (Game Over)

4:26: Lowrie thrown out at home to end the game. We lose by one. So glad this is an exhibition game.... And it's cool to be reminded of Red Sox-Reds games whose scores are 7-6.

3:59: Dusty Brown knocks in a run, cutting a 7-2 deficit to 7-6 with two down in the seventh. My favorite spring Red Sock of '08, Joe Thurston up now. Reaches on an error. Tying run at third now for Brandon Moss. Pops out. 7-6 Cincy after 7.

3:21: This is so funny. I'm so used to the straight-laced, play-by-play McDonough. But he's just freestylin', mocking spring training radio games and how none of us in the audience would know if they were lying, even saying to Dave, "care to make up a hometown or some hobbies for this guy?" He's really cracking Dave and Joe up.

3:11: McDonough on the air with Joe and Dave. "Beyond pathetic," is what Sean says about Clemens. Now talking about how back in the day, Roger would always have an excuse--never admitted to a bad game. Says that Roger has convinced himself he never did it. Sean mentions his father's nickname for Roger, the Texas Con Man. I thought Sean was about to make Joe uncomfortable with the "excuses" talk, but Joe just went with it, agreeing that Roger has convinced himself he never did it. We're still down 6-2. Sean on umpires: "they switch bases in the spring to even out the tan." Now claiming Joe has five estates around the country, battling Remy for most houses. Says Lowe will pitch against Sox on ESPN tomorrow.

3:00: Reds score 5 unearned runs in 6th, 6-2 them.

2:20: O'Brien and Castig continue to point out how bad the Reds' pitching is. We have six hits off of Homer Bailey. Okajima has pitched a perfect inning, and Lester gave up a run on four hits in three. Castig just called Steve Bartman "Bertman." 2-1 Red Sox after 4.

1:45: Out, three singles, out, and then Cash singles in two. 2-1 us after 2.

Update, 1:29 PM: The Reds have Drew T. Anderson and Drew M. Anderson. I'm rooting for T, as he went to college at Nebraska. (I hate how the three current most-famous representatives of my school and its state are Joba the Slut, Joba's sobbing dad, and fucking Larry the Cable Guy.) Now O-Cab's older brother is up for the Reds. He knocks in a run and it's 1-0 Reds in the second. Lugo's out with a back problem, today, and Papi has the day off as well.

Kevin Youkilis just made two outs at different bases on the same play. Gets a hard shot and touches first, then throws home and gets the runner on third in a rundown. Cash throws to Lowell, and Youk, remembering his pickle lessons from Little League, goes and backs up the catcher in the rundown. Lowell throws to Youk who tags the guy out at the plate, double play. This helps Lester get out of a jam in the first; Reds 0, Red Sox coming up.


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