Saturday, March 01, 2008

Some Of Each

Listening to the Sox now. Bottom of the ninth. We're up 7-6. Papelbon pitched earlier and wore #24 (AP Photo). And now it's over. Pauley gets the win. Lester didn't do so hot. We also won last night, with Tek and Youk hitting back-to-back dongs. But I missed that one, as I was at the Celts game. Tomorrow, I'll announce the Red Sox-Twins at 1 PM on YouCastr. Check back here for the link.

Last night was fun, but they didn't show Gino on the scoreboard. Towards the end of the game, there was a "We want Gino" chant. I wonder if they lost the right to that footage or something. Maybe that dick, Clark, made them stop, as it was American Bandstand footage. But at one point in the pre-game entertainment, the announcer said something about "the girl in the Gino shirt." So it's not like they're ignoring the Gino phenomenon. But who knows, maybe they don't want to do it every night.

So here are just a few pics from last night, as I was kind of disappointed with what I shot.

I finally got the Garnett powder picture. Note the announcers backing away as KG purposely puts a cloud of powder in their face.

Scalabrine on the bike during the game.

It was mascot heaven last night. Even the UConn Huskie was there. No Wally, though.

Woo Woo!
Catching up on a couple of days worth of reading here.
Re: earlier posts -
Great shots from DC. As I wrote on JoS (at a little more length) going on the trip doesn't make the whole team endorsers or supporters of the Bush Reich. Enjoy your moment guys, then make sure you get to do it again with a better host next year.
Will spend tomorrow AM devouring recaps of the 1st few ST games, and am SO psyched! Thanks for your reporting on them, I'll probably start right here.
Even more psyched - am watching my 1st live baseball game of the season on TV as I write. UCLA is beating Bethune-Cookman 1-0. You can tell B-C feels overmatched because they have bunted more in this game than a typical ML team does in a week. I'm not a UCLA fan at all, but seeing them them in those Carolina Blue unis with that Red Sox B on their hats just gives me goosebumps. I know, it's not exactly Carolina Blue, and it's not exactly the Red Sox' B, but it's awful close. My Diamond Heels are off to a great start, although they dropped one to ODU that they shouldn't have, but they haven't been on TV yet. I wanted to make the trip to Charlotte to watch them this afternoon, but we had prior dinner plans and I couldn't bail.
Speaking of the Heels, oh wait, this isn't my blog, is it:)
See ya

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