Monday, March 03, 2008

Snyce Job (Updating)

Kyle Snyder gave up just two hits and walk in three innings today. We lead 1-0 in the fourth thanks to Marlins pitchers' wildness.

Update: Dan Kolb did not do nearly as well for us. Five batters faced, three walks and a hit, one earned run. 1-1 after 4.

Update: Youk gets the first hit for the Sox, but we trail 2-1 in the bottom of the sixth.

Up-D: Trumbull, CT's Craig Breslow pitched a perfect sixth for the Sox. [Edit: He actually walked two guys. You can never trust these updating boxscores, especially in exhibition games....]

UD: Stretch time at Roger Dean Stadium. The Sox just tied it at 2.

U: We go bottom 8, Marlins up 3-2. I still can't figure out how we scored our second run. I think it scored on an error. Our offense has been shut down today, but no Papi or Manny or Lugo or Drew. None of them played in the B game this morning either. Masterson's stinking for us today: two innings, four hits, a walk, and an earned run. Going to the ninth, 3-2 Marlins.

u: We lose, 3-2. Snyder and Breslow, stars of the day.


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