Saturday, March 29, 2008

Seating Situation

With 120,000 seats, you can't expect every seat to be good. But when you're playing baseball in an oval, most seats are gonna stink. I've charted out basically the only "good" seats for tonight's game at the LA Coliseum (which I've written out in a super LA! style.) Along the first base line you're gold. And in left, you're really close to the action. But the upper regions of the stadium don't hang over the lower parts. It's just one steady ascent from field to top of seating bowl. So even in those areas, if you're high up, you're extra-far from the field. And then if you're on the third base side, even the front row is nowhere near the field. And forget about the far side of the oval out beyond right field. You might as well watch it on TV. Of course, if I were out there, I'd take any ticket to this game and bring binoculars if necessary (probable.)

I'm sure it was not as bad as this appears to have been, but I saw a game in RFK last year. First thing I thought when I walked in - Man, this place is not built for watching a baseball game. Baseball should be played in a baseball stadium, period.
Men & Women - both moving on :)

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