Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Red Sox About To Maybe Play (Updating)

1:49, final update of this post: I flipped over to ESPN, who is also carrying this game, and I caught the in-game interview with Tito. What a great job he did. And it's pre-season, so he was allowed to talk literally through the whole half-inning. He stressed that this wasn't about greed, said the last thing he wanted was to insult anybody, and even apologized that the game started so late. I hope somebody transcribed that one, he really does a nice job with those mandatory interviews.

1:15: The game has started. Kapstein behind plate in blue jacket. All is back to normal.

1:01: It's official. The "matter has been resolved" according to NESN.

12:56: Both teams on the field. Game finally about to start. Still assuming the Japan situation has been completely cleared up.

12:53: Game to start at 1:10. So, I guess the Japan trip is on...

12:52: All players out on field. Looks like it's a go....

12:50: Jeremy Kapstein shown on field, standing in front of dugout, talking on cell phone! Lowell starting to stretch on field....

12:38: Dear MLB, Quit being assholes like you usually are and just give the dudes their cash or else lose a HUGE deal of a Japan trip, risk Opening Day, etc., etc....

12:35: Showing the Jason interview again: He says if the game doesn't get played to today, "we'll sit around and sign autographs." Joy Boy just said that Yankee fool Peter Abraham called the Red Sox greedy. So please get the facts straight, everybody. The players are doing this for their coaches who were promised money and then had the rug pulled out. Now NESN showing "a lone bat boy" in the dugout....

12:33 PM: Still no players on the field. Oakland A's also say they'll boycott trip. If they don't play soon, it would really affect the schedule as they're supposed to leave for Japan late this afternoon.


You probably know all about the possible Japan-trip boycott. Great job to eff with MLB after MLB effed with us. I love it. Power to the people.

I've got NESN on. The team doesn't want to play the game, scheduled to start now, either, unless they get that dough for their coaches. They're showing the empty dugout. The fans are waiting. Some players came out, but just went back in to the clubhouse. Crazy!

So, as of 12:20 PM: Remy and Orsillo talking about the issue while the field is empty. Nick Cafardo on now. Says he's "amazed. Never seen anything like it. Fans getting restless." This is an ESPN2 game. They're showing Tek being interviewed in the dugout. Just says "we'll see" about everything.


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