Thursday, March 06, 2008

Pap Signs

The Sox give up 7 in the ninth to blow today's game. They also gave Papelbon a one-year deal worth 775 grand. (The initial number is always wrong--we'll see if it slightly changes.) The point is, they gave him a raise but didn't go quite as high as he would've wanted. In other words, exactly what everybody thought would happen.

I checked out of this game at the top of the ninth, figuring it was over. The rest of the evening I was operating under the delusion of a Dodgers loss! It was all a lie!! I was shrxin!

('shrxin' was my word verification)
You know, even people who followed the game til the end on mlb may have thought the Sox won. They put a 1 instead of a 7 for the Dodgers' ninth. That was their most egregious mistake, but hardly their only one.

I don't get it. If you ask me to score a game right now, I'd probably get everything right--but I'd guarantee I'd get the basic stuff right like number of runs scored in each inning--and adding up the runs in the linescore to put in the Runs column at the end of it. They must not pay very well these people who keep track of the spring games.

Then again, after day one of ST, on the front page/lead story of, they said Ellsbury had an RBI single when he really didn't have a hit in the game, but walked in a run. The next day, they also showed Jacoby in that same front page spot, and said he had two hits, when he only had one. Isn't it nice to know bloggers are more accurate than the "real" people? At least for exhibition games? Or who knows, maybe they'll be shrxin all year.

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