Saturday, March 08, 2008

Other Connecticuts

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Okay, so they let some crazy printing get through. But what does the USDA have to do with it? Are you getting your recommended daily dose of Google Maps?

The reason I was looking at this area is because I just learned that the border between Vermont and New Hampshire is the Connecticut River. It's the river named after my home state, but I never tracked it above Northampton or so, I guess. After doing more research about it, I found out its source is the "Connecticut Lakes" up in northern New Hampshire. Weird. It's like when I found out my friend Mike Leporati had a cousin also named Mike. How could there be another Mike Leporati?

Yes, I knew New England was named after England, though.... But Kim and I were wondering recently, Is New England bigger than England? I just checked. England: 50,000 square miles. New England: 72,000. Winners!

[Update: Have added second N to Connecticut in title post. That's the second time in recent weeks that I've spelled my own home state wrong.]


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