Thursday, March 06, 2008

More 'Dunna

If my post yesterday left you wanting more Sean McDonough news, here's a little piece about him. (Terrible job by the writer for not knowing Sean was on the air with Joe and Dave yesterday--today's ESPN call was not even the first time this week he was on the air during a Sox game. I'm sure most people were at work anyway....)

I still miss Sean's voice on Sox games. But you can always pretend Orsillo is McDonough in a pinch.

hey jere, how do I get a picture attached to my blog on the side?
Whatcha mean? Oh, as I'm typing this, I realize what you mean. Like, in my links section. I started a project of converting all the text links for other blogs to little banners that I make myself. That project is on hiatus.... anybody still in "text" form just means I haven't gotten to them yet.

I'll do yours next....
I STILL miss Sean McD on the Sox telecasts. Thanks Jere.
No more comment moderation...excellent!! Have a great weekend...hi to the kitties...I still miss mine so so much. It hurts.

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