Thursday, March 06, 2008

Kwiz Stumpf

Whose hand is this?

(photo taken by me)

Pweezil got it. It was Doug Mirabelli. Here's the orignial photo, which I originally posted in my gallery of Buchholz' first start:

(kwiz inspired by one at cousin Kara's blog--she's moving to my home state!)

[also, late-night Clemens action. They're closin' in!]

I'm going to go with coco crisp. What a question!
Craig Breslow?
No and no. I am going to add a clue in the main post, though--that I took the pic. Not much help, but it would eliminate certain people. (Like, it's not some non-roster invitee from this current spring training or anything.)
Jacoby Ellsbury?

(And for new people, you can't guess twice in a row. Unless a clue is given, as with Kara above. Thanks.)
Doug Mirabelli?
Mirabelli it is. There was a hint in the picture. I'm wondering, did you see it or did you guess or did you study all my past pictures looking for that image?
The hint I saw was that there's no "B" on the helmet which I took to mean that it's a catcher's helmet.
It actually is a batting helmet, as you can tell from the ear flap. And I'd guess the B is there, it's just hard to see. The real clue was that since he doesn't wear batting gloves, the odds of ever seeing someone holding a helmet with a bare hand are quite slim. Unless you're Doug. (Or from this year on, a base coach.) But whatever works. (Also, by your logic it could've been Varitek or Cash, so nice job.)
Jere said...
the odds of ever seeing someone holding a helmet with a bare hand are quite slim.

I don't think kielty wears gloves either, and a lot of hitters only wear gloves on the bottom hand, which is usally not their dominant why would they hold their helmet without the glove hand....just nit pickin...
I said it was a hint, not a dead giveaway.

I did think of the one glove thing, that was so prevalent in my Little League days, but it seems to me that now a lot of guys wear them on both hands. And it's very rare for a totally batting gloveless player.
Yeah, I just did an image search: Papi, Manny, Lowell, Drew, Youk, Lugo... all bat with gloves on both hands. The "bottom hand only" style we grew up with has gone the way of stirrups....

Of course, after they're on base, they often take off the gloves. So it could've been someone who was stranded on the bases walking off the field having just removed a helmet with a bare hand.
Wait, I'm just realizing Coco doesn't wear them either, which must've been why Ryan guessed him. Ryan's getting a .3 for that. And if he is, Kara's getting a .2.

So, pweezil: 5.5
Ryan: .3
Kara: .2

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