Thursday, March 27, 2008

Kwiz Gaffke

Who's this?

(Note: This was originally called Kwiz Dickman, until I realized I already used that name. Emerson Dickman wore both number 16 and number 19.)

Update, 4/1/08, 8:30 PM: Matty finally gets it. It was Carlos Quintana. Here's the full picture:

Trot Nixon?
Nope. By the way, this is not a photo I took.
The uni actually looks current, and the side of the face looks a lot like Dice.
But you wouldn't do that would you? Too easy.
No dice!
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Rich Garces?
No Guapo.
It reminds me of Tony Armas.
John Valentin?
No Armas, no Valentin. Can I just say that if you know it, it's REALLY easy:)
Big Papi?
No on Jacoby, no on Ortiz.
For some reason I want to say Bartolo Colon. I think the arm is too skinny, though...

I also want to say John Farrell. Not sure why.

Am I allowed only one guess?
Colon is wrong, as is John Farrell. One guess at a time, and as soon as someone else guesses, you can guess again. You are forgiven:) Oh and the other rule is, if I give a clue, you can guess even if you were the last guesser.

No on Pedro.

I love how we've covered the entire skin-color spectrum with these guesses. One person sees David Ortiz, another sees John Farrell. People's different computers must make colors appear in different ways. Or whatever.
No Okajima. Sorry.
Hideo Nomo

Skin color seems to have been narrowed down with these last few guesses, though.
Bruce Chen?
Haven't thought of him in a while.. not him.

Western Hemisphere.
Alex Gonzalez
It is neither of the Alex Gonzalezes.
Ok, please don't kill me...
Jose Canseco?
No Jose. No kill.
Julian Tavarez?
Manny Delcarmen?
No Tavarez, no MDC.

Another clue: By 2004, this guy had retired. I'm not sayin' how long before it was, but it was before '04.
Benny Agbayani?
No Benny.
Rolando Arrojo?
Troy O'Leary
Izzy Alcantara?
No Arrojo, No Troy, No Izzy. I feel like someone's gonna get this any minute now...
Luis Alicea
No Luis.
Dante Bichette?
No on Dante.
"Rickey Henderson?
No Rickey.
Tony Pena
¿ pɹoɟnq uoɯɐp
Ramon Martinez?

No Boobless Buford and no Martinez.
Wilton Veras?
Nope. But I really think someone's gonna get it. For real this time.

So how did you do that upside down thing?
So how did you do that upside down thing?...

I'd really like to be able to say I'm some kind of computer whiz and wrote the code to do it, but truth be told, I found it here:

I thought April Fools Day was a good time to try it.
Shot in the Dark....Darren Lewis
Carlos Quintana
Lewis is wrong.

Quintana is right!!!!!!

I knew someone would get it. I'll post the full pic now.
Point breakdown? (Why do I feel like I'm gonna get like 2.5 points on this one?)
I'm just givin' out .1's for everybody else. Here we go:

Amy, pweezil, JMP, Ryan, sosock, pweezil, wichita, liza, novy, mike, 9casey: .1 each

Matty: 4.9.

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