Monday, March 17, 2008

Denis Leary To Honor Yankees

The New York Pops will hold their 25th Birthday Gala next month, at which they'll be honoring the New York Yankees. The co-host of the event? Denis Leary.

Turns out Leary was fund-raisin' buddies--at the hospital my sister used to work at--with late Pops founder Skitch Henderson, and hosted last year's event as well. At that gala, Denis teased Steinbrenner's granddaughter after introducing her singing performance. So it's not like he pretends to be a Yankee fan at these events. Still, with this year's honoree being the Yanks themselves, it will surely be awkward. I woulda just sat this one out, but maybe he's got something special up his sleeve.

And about Henderson, it should be noted that despite being all big-hearted and charitable, he also served time for tax evasion and was accused of sexual harassment.

Sox trail Yanks today, 8-4. Colon was throwing the ball well, but had no control, giving up 4 runs in less than an inning. Tavarez didn't do much better, giving up three more runs. Youk has homered for us. [Update: 8-4 them, final. But the game doesn't count. Suckers...]


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