Sunday, March 09, 2008

Beckett Un-Grocked?

Sox vs. Dodgers at 1:15, but TV-wise, it won't be on until 8 PM. If you're the type of person who only thinks of baseball in TV terms, here's you chance to give radio a try. Baseball on the radio is the way it was meant to be. Tune in to WRKO today. Look, if you miss something, if you get flustered, if you start looking around the room to try to see the action--don't worry, you can watch on tape delay tonight on NESN.

Tito says Josh looks way better than they expected!

Maybe every time Josh gets a tiny boo-boo, a Yankee player will get a big one, thanks to the Waldman anti-karma. It happened this time, as their catching prospect gets bowled over, fractures his wrist, and then Mr. Hanrdnosed Baseball, Joe Girardi, whines about it. Add the Rays to the Yanks' enemies list for '08.

Did you hear about the Weiner's take on the Rocket? Now Lupica is all over him for it. Why would a New York politician think defending Roger would get him votes? I mean, we were talking about Clemens being "a man without a country" ever since he went to the Astros. After all this stuff lately, is there anybody left defending him?

Don't forget to have turned your clocks back last night! What did you not do with your erased hour? I was gonna clean the bathroom during that hour. Damn!

[edit: I got the part about an erased hour right, but I wrote "back" instead of forward, killing the joke. Terrible job, me.]

I think you meant "turn your clock AHEAD one hour" this morning. Have you noticed you're two hours behind all of us, Jere? LOL

Good article by Lupica today about Weiner. I heard about what he said last week and wrote a post about it. He's comes off as either pandering for Yankee fan votes, as he'll be running for mayor in 2009 (Earth to Weiner: Yankee fans have long since tossed him under the bus) or a Yankee fan who can't accept Clemens is a steroid abuser. But the irony is is that Weiner is a Mets fan.

I would have expected better from a fellow Brooklyn Tech graduate.

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