Friday, March 28, 2008


I was wondering if maybe Drew went down for a while if they'd just go ahead and put Jacoby in right and keep Coco in center. Ellsbury has only played right field in one major league game, but something tells me he could catch, pitch, manage, sell pretzels, whatever you need.

In tonight's exhibition game in LA, with Drew out, they're doing just that. Coco in center, Lsbury in R.

When I heard about the DH controversy this weekend, I wondered, Will Torre agree to help the Red Sox by allowing the DH? And if so, will Hank protest the season (and the '09 one--punitive damages, here!)? Then I thought, wait, it's not Joe Torre's call. But then I heard tonight that "Joe Torre agreed" to let the Sox have a DH. So it was his call and he made it. Either he's doing his best to piss off Chief Hanker, which would make sense, or he just knows AL teams need their, uh, DH practice, and is being nice. Or maybe he just wants another hitter in his lineup.


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