Wednesday, March 19, 2008

5 For 5

I finally bought Joe Castiglione's book, Broadcast Rites and Sites: I Saw it on the Radio with the Boston Red Sox.

I remember it coming out in '04, and almost buying a signed copy at the bookstore in Kenmore Square, but I didn't want to have to carry it around with me during the game I was going to that day. And then I just never bought it. Terrible job, me.

So it arrived in the mail yesterday, and I flipped it open to the inside of the cover. Printed on it is a scored game, which I quickly figured out was one of Joe's scorecards. I looked at the names: Barrett, Buckner....Gedman. Cool, a game from my childhood, I thought. Finally I looked over at the other team to see it was the Mets. This was an '86 World Series game. Turns out it was Game 6. Of course, had I looked at the top first, I would've seen the date and figured this out right away.

As I looked at the scorecard, I noticed something totally crazy. It seemed Gedman's at bats were always the last at bat of an inning. I thought, I must be reading this wrong. But it really did appear that way.

So I went to "the 'sheet." Here's the box and play-by-play. It's true. Each of Gedman's at bats--all five of them--ended an inning. Once it was a double play, and once it was a single--the play where Jim Rice barreled around third like he was rolling down a hill and was tagged out at the plate.

What are the odds of ending five innings in a game? Do I dare suggest Rich is the only man to have ever ended an inning on every at bat in a game with a minimum of five opportunities? And how did that fact about Game Six escape me for so long? I'm sure some of you noted it that night and have never forgotten. Yet I, in the top 5 percentile of Gedman's fans, didn't know? Maybe I just repressed it....


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