Friday, March 21, 2008

$485? For The Spinners?

There's a sucker born every minute. But that's nothing compared to the birth rate of greedy, heartless, self-important ass holes. The tickets for the annual minor-league doubleheader at Fenway go on sale tomorrow morning. The cool thing about this event is that you get to watch baseball in Fenway Park for a very low price. The most expensive seats are 30 dollars. Knowing that there was a pre-sale for members of Kid Nation yesterday, I checked around the internet to see if people were selling their seats already. The answer to that question is, Yes, people already spent the 20 bucks to become a member on behalf of a non-existent "kid," just so they can get the best seats and sell them back to you, illegally, I should point out, for much higher than face value.

It was funny to read the description on ebay of two Pavilion Box, Row A seats, going for 50 bucks each: "sooooo expensive if its normal game. sit there for a fraction of the price." Yeah, and I can sit there at a fraction of your fraction if I simply buy the tickets from the team tomorrow! So, I thought that was bad, until I went to one of the scalper sites and saw what you see pictured. Wow. And they're not even row A. 485 bucks for a seat that costs 30 dollars at the most. 16 times face value. I think capitalism has ruined our culture. Stick a fork in us, we're done. I hope the bugs that survive when we all kill ourselves off decide to just live as equals.

(Bonus thing: my visible bookmarks deciphered! AOL; A site I found with all these old maps of Boston; my own blog; Joy of Sox; We Move to Canada; The direct link to a search for "Gedman" on ebay; Uniwatch; Retrosheet; Red Sox official site; Dressed to the Nines; and the "m" of "maps," meaning Google Maps.)

It doesn't get any better than having my 2 favorite sports things - March Madness and baseball - covered in 1 post, and it's not even on my blog!
That 3rd thing, though - capitalism - is a real bummer. Way to bring down the mood.
I fear you are right. We may have become too greed-driven to get out of it now, at least for a generation or 2, and it may be too late then. How ironic is it that for years we've been told - "of course the guys at the top make the most, they're the ones putting up their money and taking all the risk". Now the heads of these predatory lending companies who have made gadzillions in recent years will sit back with all the dough they've accumulated and let the taxpayers bail the company out, or watch it go under and the only ones hurting will be all the mid-level employees and the folks who lose their homes because the loans are called in.
America, such great potential, shining so brightly early in it's career, then the greed kicked in - kinda like some ballplayers we know, no?
The presale was not just for Kid Nation members. It was for season ticket holders.

I got a presale invitation from the PawSox. Let's see... the tickets went up at noon on Wednesday. I was in the VWR for MAYBE 3 minutes. I wanted to get 4 Monster seats. Not available in that quantity. I tried three... no. Two? OK, no.

Maybe I was overconfident. I really thought I could get seats on the Monster for Futures... especially within minutes of tickets going on sale. Dumb, dumb, dumb.

I wound up getting infield box or something. But yeah, I was pissed. I wonder how much they're selling for?
I stand corrected on the presale. Doesn't much change my thoughts on this, though.

How come you got a PawSox presale thing and I didn't?? I bought tickets last year and they've been sending me crap left and right. I got "PawSox Patter" in the mail. And I bought tix for '08 already, too! No fair.
Sosock, great call.
This morning I bought Pavilion seats, field box seats and dugout seats all at face on Red

Some were singles, but I actually got three seats together (using the buy a single and go back and buy another method) - LITERALLY together, not even staggered by row. Three seats all next to each other, in the pavilion for face.

So, I'm pretty happy.
It was for PawSox season ticket holders only.
I see. Also note, I'm technically a season ticket holder with the Red Sox, as a 10-game Plan type guy. STill, nothin'.

However, this morning, in the car, I was driving, so Kim called the ticket office at about 10:05. Got through first try, got four seats, IF grandstand row 3. No problem. 20 bux each.

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