Wednesday, March 26, 2008

4-1 A's In The Sixth

Still down 4-0. Harden's done really well. I have an autographed ball of his. I want the value of it to plummet soon....

I've got the perfect nickname for Jon Lester. I'm giving up on "Sid" and will now call him "Wicked Lester." Anybody? The band Paul and Gene were in before they changed it to KISS? And Lester pitches in Boston, where "wicked" has been said from the beginning of time until today? I think I'm a genius, but I just told Kim, who's a huge Kiss fan--an authentic "wicked" sayer from Mass.--and she didn't get it! If she didn't not too many will. But I'm goin' with it. Wicked Lester.

Manny dong as I type! 491! And we cut it to 4-1.

They just had an interview with a kid in the crowd whose school in Worcester was on a Japan trip. The woman asked, "How did you get tickets to the game??" Kid says, "My dad got 'em online from an A's season ticket holder." Look, fans of other teams, if you don't want Red Sox fans to outnumber your own fans, STOP SELLING US YOUR TICKETS. I know it's not you, it's your brethren and sistren. You, personally, other team fan, are highly intelligent and loyal and quite good-looking.


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