Saturday, February 23, 2008

You Make Me Sick/I Make Music

Is the music NESN has used for Red Sox coverage for the last few years changing? We're all used to having "schwah na-nant nant na-nahhh" stuck in our heads from March to October. But I've noticed that on the spring training coverage, the song they're playing sounds like the four chords from "Love Stinks." Is this the new '08 song? Or do they just use a separate song for spring training? This is my first March living in NESN territory (all of New England except the one county I grew up in), so I'm not familiar with the usual February/March routine.

What is that post title, Soundgarden?

NESN 2008 improvement step one: Change bumper/theme music. Step two: Replace Tom Caron.
Good call on the music. If they got rid of TC, I'd miss the way he says "'n' the Red SAWWWWWWWWWWWx..."

That title is Chris Cornell's publishing co. Good job.

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