Friday, February 29, 2008

Yanks/Sox Tickets Today

[Update: So I dicked around in the TM waiting area for a while, and after an hour or so, I figured a weekday Sox game would give me a chance to get something. Ended up with an April Thursday Sox game. I actually went on (cringe) a Yankee message board to see if anyone had any TM secrets, but it was a bunch of yahoos acting like they'd never bought tickets online before. But one person, desperately trying for that last regular season game, gave up and went to a broker, and got "Quantity: 1 Section: TIER 21 Row: B- SECOND ROW!!! paid $308 with all the fees, but Ill be there for the game.." 300 bucks for a single, just to see that last game--that's a Yankee fan who's sure they're not going to the playoffs this year, ha! And now I head for the much easier to deal with Red Sox VWR. (Yes, Ticket-bater is that bad.)]

A Daily News article recently claimed that Yankee Stadium's premium games have sold out. Way off. Not only was there still a chance to get into the lottery for them when the article came out (that lottery has since ended), but there still are premium games available at 10 AM today in their big sale in which all the games are up for grabs.

So if you want to see the Sox in The Bronx this year, or get tickets to the last ever (we hope--since that would mean they'd have missed the playoffs) game at the Toilet, go to the Yankees' site, or directly to Ticketmasturbater at 10:00 today. Granted, "premium games" will be limited, but the team did say there would be some left for this sale.

If you want, you can try the classic, pre-internet days, "call the Ticketmaster outlet in Seattle at 9:58" method. That way you get through right away and can get what you want. Don't know if that works still. But if you're gonna try it, start researching other cities' TM numbers and make sure they're operational. Other than that, you can do the multiple windows thing, but TM cuts you off after like 25. They kick you right out, and tell you to try again in a few minutes. It's like Super Mario Brothers in World 3-1, I think, where you can jump on that Koopa on the staircase over and over and keep getting extra lives, but at a certain point your proverbial wax wings melt, and you die. So try it now and calculate when the bell tolls, and then go one window shy of that, and begin the waiting game. And when you get sick of that, you can break out Hungry, Hungry Hippos. It's more fun. (But don't put liquid soap in the base and use live ants instead of marbles like I did when I was little. Okay, not that little.)

Good luck! (I've been to Yankee Stadium enough in my life, so I'm not too excited about these, but I'll give it a shot for the hell of it. I'd say it's "practice" for later today when I go for Monster Seats, but as you know, that method greatly differs from the TM way.)


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