Friday, February 22, 2008

Vote For Laura/Talking Murderous Doll

Laura, aka L-girl, aka the partner of Allan who writes Joy of Sox, is up for some awards for her blog, We Move To Canada. Please vote for her, this is the finals.

Also, remember Talking Tina, the doll who killed Telly Savalas' character in that Twilight Zone episode? Well, now we've got a real life Talking Tina. Apparently, Elmo wants to "Kill? James?" (video on that page) Hey, wait, isn't "Telly" one of Elmo's buddies? Could there be a connection here?

Either way, Kill? James?

Kill? James?

Just do a search for "kill James," too. It's fun to watch all the different news videos about this, and listen to the anchors laugh their asses off.

Kill? James?

Thank you!

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